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Im Purplehippo
Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:30 pm by PurpleHippo
Hi Im Purplehippo pretty much here for tournamentssssssssss

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I am Nic The Vigilante
Wed Jul 15, 2009 2:54 pm by Nicolas
I am Nic the End im a MLG of Call of Duty Series

DICTIONARY: MLG = Major League Gamer

Im Just hangin out No im not a 200 pound nerd im a 89 pound guy that has a girlfriend sooo...

All those ******* that say im a 200 pound nerd ur a ******* nerd that weights 300 pounds


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I am Jonei
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[b]I am Jone! Shocked I like eating toast to dinner cheers cheers cheers I am also a Teacher in one way of LUA ( Coding) for WoW, witch means i can make a npc yelling out "I LOVE BUTTERFLIES!" and then Summon a monster whit like 3000000 hp etc. All in the fantasy Twisted Evil I also am a verry active Dude? ( Razz ) and i love to hug.. All for me!

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Mabencs! ........
Thu Jul 16, 2009 10:56 am by mabencs
Hey i'm mabencs! ... nothing special actualy xD playing Wow, Aoc and sometimes Lotro
playing Cod 4 and CodWaW to

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TNT! A Dynamite!
Wed Jul 15, 2009 6:09 pm by Dynamite
Hey everyone, my name is Dynamite. I am a acquaintance of Nicolas, he told me to join over MSN. I figured I would check it out. Let me know if you need anything.

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I am xxpkerxx
Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:05 am by xxpkerxx
hi my name is marcus i am the founder and creator of this site i made this to let people know about games and whats going on so i play wow i have a level 72 DK i am in the realm darrowmere. i have alot of free time so i made this site to help people and have give aways i also play the online game evony you can join at (just in case) u ever want to play

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i am james
Tue Jul 14, 2009 12:37 pm by im awsome
hi i am james i like video games my best friend name is marcus (the owner of the site) he got me on this web site.

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Hey people! This is about me :/
Tue Jul 14, 2009 3:02 pm by DemonForce112
Hey people, I am a friend of Jonei's, my name is Jordan!

I am 14 years old, my star sign is leo and I don't really know what to put :/

I have msn if anyone wants to contact me,

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 Age of conan 10-15 Walktrugh

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PostSubject: Age of conan 10-15 Walktrugh   Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:40 am

Ok your level 10..and now your halfway through the beginning zone. Your making great time, but your friend who bought the game with you already has 3 level 80's and his guild (the <My Little Pwnies>) built a city! He probably used this advanced Guide. However, you are not so fortunate (nor ripe with cash)..and so, we trudge on.

Lev 10-15
Select your archetype below to continue the walkthrough specific for your class
Rogues Fighters Mages Priests

See your class trainer in the Bar, she tells you to get a fake scroll. Head out and follow your minimap to the X and HIDE!. The 2 lev 10 guards and the boss will pass you. Follow them at a distance to the market area just before the harbor. Hey will stand in front of a door to Bartholom’s shop. Wait till they walk away and then enter the shop. When you zone in, you’ll be facing a bar, the scroll is a white parchment sitting on the shelf to the left of the bar. Click it and return to your trainer.

Ok, now its off to the Mithrell’s Mansion (In dire need of help from the folks at Trading Spaces). Head up past Arias’ camp to where you fought the lev 5 guards (they shouldn't agro anymore...not that it matters) on your way to the volcano. Head past the guard captain and into the instance. Once inside go upstairs first, fight your way around until you find the Gem, click it to remove the magic shield. Again, maximize XP and kill everything upstairs. Then head back to the stairs and do the same to the lower level. Find the scroll room (not hard) and replace the scroll by clicking it. Mithrell is in some trance and doesn’t agro even if you click on her.

You are on your way to the Underhalls. Head out of the main gate and go straight down the path. Beware! Do NOT follow the X on your sends you off to the hillside and wants you to jump off a cliff (perhaps it knows something about your MMO prowess?). Just go straight along the path to where Turoch (who first freed you from your slave chains) was and turn left down the path (Do not go over the lava river). Head into the instance at the end of the path. To get to the resistance fighter, veer left at the first fork and fight your way through the first room of guards and several guard dogs (Watch your step...thats NOT mud!) Climb the steps and wipe your boots and head into the Dungeon instance. Inside turn left, kill the dogs first, then kill your way to the right heading to the jail cells. At the end of the cell block you'll find ladders (Isn't ladders something most jails DONT want to have lying around?) Climb down the ladders (either one, doesn't matter) and at the bottom huddled and fetal in the corner is our brave resistance fighter.

He now sends you off to find Valeria. However we are In MAX XP mode! Don't you worry that 'time is running out' ...whats the resistance done for you anyways?!?! Head deep into the underhalls and KILL EVERYTHING. There are 2 minibosses, in the sewers there is a crocodile named Snapson (he's easy, but watch out for CrackleSon and PopSon). Then head into the Askias instance and you'll find a veteran Red Hand guard miniboss (surprisingly similar to the normal grade Red Hand guards...just tougher to chew). Once everyone is dead, head back to Tortage city and head to the harbor.

Head to the harbor, Take a right and then follow the Warf to the Left. If you have not done so already, look for a small alley on your right that leads towards the hills, go in and find the REZ point. back to the docks and one of the warhouses is now an instance. Before going in make sure you are at full health and have health/stam pots ready. Click it and you go immediately into storymode where you meet Quessado (means 'chicken' in Hyborian spanish) face to face. He runs out of the room (appropriate for his name) and you'll immediately fight 3 waves of guards in the warehouse, be sure to rest between each wave. After that leave the warehouse where you find Quessado bound away in a manner that would make Brave Sir Robin proud! Follow him through the Streets fighting the pairs guards. When you get to the area outside the BAR, hold the chase, make sure you have full health, ready your pots and head up the steps. Now you fight Quessado. kill him (All that running, for this?!) and head to Valeria. Speak with her and she tells you to speak with Sigurd

Time to meet with Dramatic (from here on we shall call him by his mage school nickname....Crammy). He informs you that Mithrell is now very upset, has locked herself inside her mansion ..and I'm guessing she's feeling a little bloated. He wants you to go talk with her?!?!. Guys, let me tell ya ..this is the wrong time to speak with ANY Woman! Perhaps its time to consider a new career..rouges look nice....but, if you are invested in continuing to be a mage. Head back to Mithrell's mansion and for gods sake bring flowers! Enter the mansion and you'll find that it is deserted (GO FIGURE!) and no one to fight. Head to MIthrell's chamber and speak with her. She's upset about her BoyToy Strom, Wants you to talk with Renton to find out why Strom is all over her.

So continuing this storyline straight out of 8th grade middleschool, you head back to Tortage to speak with Renton. Head to the market district and go up the ramp and turn right. Renton is being guarded by 4 guards. This is a tough fight. It may be that you cant take them all. Focus fire on one and rez zerg until they are all dead. Speak with renton and head back to Mithrell who's now standing outside the Bar (Looking for a new Beau, no doubt). Note: on the way back you'll find that agro Ruthless pirates appear (is there really any other kind?) ...Kill them. Mithrell wants you to kill Renton (she blames the messenger), so head back to the harbor turn left and cross the bridge, Turn left at the drunken Pirates and you'll go right into storymode with Quessado (means 'chicken' in Hyborian spanish). speak with him and enter Renton's house. Kill your way through to the end and save the poor schmuck from the guards. After that, its Back to the bar, where Mithrell has left with her 2am hookup and you speak with Crammy!

Belesa sends you off the Tortage's Poor district (Also known as lower Manhattan). Head to the market, and go up the ramp and turn left. Kill all the guards and the Red hand inquisitor leader miniboss. When he dies you cut to a storyline of a small boy walking to a pile of corpses (It was at this time I realized that Tortage needs better after school activities). Speak with the boy and head into the underhalls. Head out of the main gate and go straight down the path. Beware! Do NOT follow the X on your sends you off to the hillside and wants you to jump off a cliff (perhaps it knows something about your MMO prowess?). Just go straight along the path to where Turoch (who first freed you from your slave chains) was and turn left down the path (Do not go over the lava river). Head into the instance at the end of the path.

Inside you will find Valeria, and a whole crop of scared villagers (let me tell ya, next time I'm in a fight..I want to be on the side that's NOT a bunch of scared pansies ...if you haven't guessed, I don't do well in the role of a priest). You are supposed to fight alongside Valeria and keep the villagers healed. Wave after wave of 2-4 guards come in and start attacking you, valeria, or the villagers. When the villagers are attacked they call out "Save me! Save me!" (...Lame lame LAME!"). Watch out for the AE heals, cause that brings out a whole lotta agro on you. Heal any villager just once and the guard agros you...heal them all...well you get the picture. Keep up the mana pots, health pots and if you die (I know I did) It just resets at the wave where you left off. Not sure how many you have to keep alive to succeed...just do your best. Stay away from the door where the guards run through cause you don't want them immediately agroing you.

After all the guards are finished and the villagers saved, they all run out of the instance (beat it ya pack of sissies, grow a few!). Speak with valeria and she tells you to find 5 frightened Villagers in the underhalls instance. They are not too hard to find. There are 2 in the dungeons and 3 more in the sewers. However we are In MAX XP mode! Head deep into the underhalls and KILL EVERYTHING. There are 2 minibosses, in the sewers there is a crocodile named Snapson (he's easy, but watch out for CrackleSon and PopSon). Then head into the Askias instance and you'll find a veteran Red Hand guard miniboss (surprisingly similar to the normal grade Red Hand guards...just tougher to chew). Once everyone is dead, head back to Tortage city and head to the bar.

Continuing ON

Head back to trainer and SELL off your inventory. Now your off back to the old sage Nadini (whom I'm convinced has a thing for you). She starts another storyline movie…Enjoy the show. Head to Arias, he wants a vial of whore’s blood (A very hot commodity in the MMO world and should only be served with white meat). Head back to the BAR and you’ll find our old lev 1 jungle babe ‘Cheerleader Casilda’ (who still sounds like she’s stoned). She gives you a vial of her blood and its back to the Volcano instance.

In the volcano you find the guards got upgrades (Lev 11). Head in and this time where you want to go is the Upper path that leads to the ladder. However, again maximize your XP and kill all the guards/slaves from your first path to where the slavemaster was, then head back and climb to the top and kill your way to the top of the volcano. Note there is a miniboss (Prota-vogis) directly across from the ladder you just climbed up on. Kill him and grab the treasure chest in the tent behind him. Kill your way up the volcano (is there really any other way to ascend a volcano?), Replace the vial and enjoy the show (….oops, did I do that?!?!). Things get really cool after that. As you run down the mountainside remember to bring the marshmallows (smells like victory)

Back to arias and at this time you should be at or near level 13. Unfortunately, you need to be level 15 to continue the questline. I tried searching and looking everywhere in Nighttime play for more XP. There just isn’t any, you could kill the panthers a bit, but that just seems like a very slow way to get to 15.

So its time to break out of the night, and find a way to get 2 levels in the daylight multiplayer mode. This isn’t at all hard for PVE servers, but I do sympathize that on the PvP servers, this is no small task. However, I have found that the best way for PvP servers to gain levels relatively safe and for those on PVE servers which are just too crowded ….just do ALL Tortage city quests. Most areas of Tortage zone are safe from griefers and you don’t have to worry so much about players griefing you at your rez spot. Doing all the Tortage zone quests listed below will give you enough XP to get to lev 15.

Tortage Quest NPC and location Sancha Outside Bar
Skeggi Outside Bar
Sassan Outside Bar
Blacksmith Outside Bar
Donus Outside Bar
Junia Outside Bar
Proxima Market
Valerius Noble District
Laranga Outside Gate
Ninus Temple of Mithra

KEY QUEST: Proxima at the Market sends you to a personal instance at the lighthouse area which its full of lev 10-11 mobs that respawn quickly. Easily just run around those caverns safely till lev 15.

KEY QUEST: Phoenic atop the big ship between the market and the harbor sends you on a quest to white sands isle. It is a personal instance called the Mausoleum. And chock full of lev 11-12 mobs. The best part is there is no competition once inside, and when you clear it, just zone out and zone back in and everything is fully repopped! Easy to get through to lev 15 without competition and ganking inside the instance. However, getting to the instance may be hard on PvP servers and expect zone camping when you come out. Be ready to immediately zone back in if your on a PvP server. Remember to smack the cracked wall!!

For PVE servers that are not too crowded, Its quicker to just choose one of the outdoor instances to complete your leveling to 15. Choose one, just one, gather up all the quests and head there. There are 3 main Multiplayer instances chock full of quests and Mobs to kill. Grab all the quests you can from the NPCs in Tortage and choose one. Below I list the zones and their associated quest NPCs.

White Sands Isle
(To get there, go to harbor, turn left and go all the way till you see a the boat and you zone) Alyssa X 2 Bar
Sancha Outside Bar
Sassan Outside Bar
Skeggi Outside Bar
Donus Outside Bar
Idogbe Market
Bartholomo Market
Proxima Market
Phoenic Harbor
Drunken Pirate Harbor
Ninus Temple of Mithra

Tortage Underhalls
(Entrance is at the harbor) Alyssa Bar
Idogbe Market
Bartholomo Market
Odetta Market
Redric Harbor
Padrag Harbor
Sakumbe Lighthouse

Acheronian Ruins
(Entrance is across the lava river by Turoch, and down the path) Ortho Bar
Royo X 2 Harbor
Padrag Harbor
Laranga Outside Gate

Time to completion about 3-4 hours.


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Age of conan 10-15 Walktrugh
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